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  I´m proud of them
2009-09-04 / by Manu

I don´t need to send messages to my teammates. They know what to do and they are doing it. I just have to say that watching they play is a pleasure. They could win or loose; they could qualify or not, but they always make me feel proud of them, because they show that cohesion that is typical of the Argentinean team in the last years.

It´s not a secret that the start was bad. There wasn´t confidence, motivation. And Venezuela knock them. The same happened to us in 2003 preolympic tournament against Mexico. But I don´t want to compare, because this situation is very different. Besides the fact that some of us couldn´t go to Puerto Rico, Prigioni start to play in the official games of the tournament, and even it wasn´t sure if he could be playing in the few days before the starts. The team made all the training without the starting point guard. And we all know that Pablo is one of the main players of the team.

They improbé against Brasil and Panama. And with Dominicana was a great game. It was the only game that I could see on TV here (I follow the others by the internet) so I suffered a lot, and shout with Pelussi´s three point shoot. It was a very important game. It worth twice because if they loose they would carry the game against Venezuela. But as they won, they go to the following round with two wins (Panama and Dominicana). The team was in a very limit situation and they resolved it with authority and keep that attitude against Canada and Mexico.

I think FIBA´s wildcards are fair for things like this. A great team could have a bad summer, with injuried players. In Europe, for example, there are lot of good teams and it´s difficult to qualify. If Spain, for some reason is eliminated, must be invited. Teams with great trajectory must be in Turkey.

If an invited team win the world cup nobody will remember the invitation. Particulary, we deserve the qualification.

Meanwhile I continue with the rehabilitation. I´m playing half an hour of baskeball. I can make some shoots. That´s more funny that the gym…. The oficial preseason starts on september 29th. I hope I will be ok for that time. I´m working for that.

Speaking again about the National Team, now they will go for more than the qualification. They can win against Brasil, they can win the championship. The most important is that the group is tought, with confidence and they know to play as a team. They have courage, as always. As in Las Vegas when nobody believed them. I´m not surprised.