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  Reasons to be happy
2009-10-08 / by Manu

I´m not a hundred percent yet, as you can imagine, but I have no pain and alter six months I feel again the nice sensation of playing and wearing the #20. Enough reasons to be happy.

The fractured fibula healed so I´m not afraid (in opposition to a sprained ankle). I´m getting used to the impact of the jumps. I´m still a little slow, but nothing to worry about. Today I´m six to seven points. I will improve.

I played almost 15 minutes against Houston. It´s not important to be a starter. Some minutes previous we don´t know who will start the game. I started this game but I don´t know who will start next. I can be on the bench. We all know that it doesn´t matter.

Three great teammates has gone: Fabri was here with me four years, Bruce seven and Voughn three. It´s hard when they leave. We will miss them. But we know that this is the way NBA is.

The guys who arrived are great persons (Richard Jefferson, Antonio McDyess, Theo Ratliff and Keth Bogans). They will fix well in the team. They are great players and they are not selfish. They´ll give us many offensive variants.

Dejuan Blair played a great first game (he took 19 rebounds). And he´s twenty years old!

We probably change our style. We´re similar to the rest now. We´re trying to play more free, less schematize, to run more. We add talent so we will have more offenisive variants besides Tim, Tony or me. Anyway it will depend on results. If things don´t go well, we probably play again as before.

The most important wil be improve our defense. We always be one the first three defending teams in the league. But in the last years we fail. We wont to be an excellent defending team again. In offense we won´t have problems. We won´t make 100+ points every game as Phoenix or Denver, but we can do a good job. If you are solid in defense, offense is easier.

Our first game was against Houston. Scola is ok. Without Yao and if TMc doesn´t return soon Luis will be a main part of the team. He will share offense with Aaron Brooks. It will be tought for them Yao´s absence for all the season. I don´t know if they will win too many games as last year.

I don´t think Chapu has much expectations in Sacramento because they don´t have great adquisitions. Probably they won´t win many games.

I don´t know Milwaukee too much (Carlitos Delfino´s team), but Washington may be a surprise. They have good offensive talent so they may have chances. They have some injuries but they´re back. With Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler, Antwane Jamison and Mike Miller they have and interesting team. They can succeed.

And about our chances….we can win the championship. It won´t be easy. There are many great teams, but we were there. This year we have to take the opportunity. We have a good team and we are optimist. We want to win the finals.