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2013-06-28 /

Well, I´m feeling better now. The worst moment is over. After a couple of nights that I couldn´t sleep I can see a lot of good things that happened, how hard is to reach this situation and the great season we have.

We were so close that hurts! We were almost there… If we lost by 25 on game 6 it would have been diferent. But I know we have it in our hands and it vanished. That is the hardest part…

When I think about the thin line between win and loose… They fisnished as championships, heros. And we ended very sad. But if I look at game 6 I can see that we are not champion because of two three point shoots (Lebron and Ray). If they should have failed one of them we would be the champions. We didn´t do things so bad. They were luckier. It was like throwing a coin.

Playing an NBA final or an Olympic or a world championship it´s not easy You have to win the Conference first. But that doesn´t count for me. At that moment you think ´what a bad luck, two threes, two ofensive rebounds, a missed free throw´. Anyway I can´t say I´m not lucky. I played a game seven of an NBA final and I have a good seaseon in an excelent team.

The future? I think its´ posible to continue. I´m not so tired or frustrated. I still don´t know, but I don´t think I will retire. I´m more tired than when I was 27, but I´m comfortable and proud of my team and the coaching staff. I think that we will begin talking on july.

Since the start of the finals I didn´t read the media. And I don´t still want to do it right now. I knew that other people talk well about me. I appreciate that. I didn´t feel well, especially on games 2, 4 and 6.

It was a long and hard season. In a few days I´ll be back home. I want to be with my family and rest.

Finally, I want to thank to all the people that wrote me. During the finals I don´t read or answer. But I know that they want to help me and support me. I know who are they and I appreciate them a lot.

by Manu