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 About this site

The idea of creating was born the moment Manu left Bahia Blanca to Italy. The original goal, despite time and history, is still the basis of this site: to allow fans to follow Manu, and give Manu the chance to be in touch with them beyond time and place limitations. The site was in a break for quite a long time, it was a kind of neverending development we couldn't define, probably due to Larra's lack of experience in web designing and of both of them as internet users (rather logical, since Internet was just emerging). Hereunder we show you some of the old “pathetic” designs. - version1
After comings and goings, Manu already settled in Italy and both a little bit more experienced regarding internet, we decided to create Obviously, after two red-hot ICQ years, content was more than clear as well as the design: we wanted a rather animated stuff, flasher (word stemed from Macromedia Flash, a desing software), and which allowed fans and Manu to be in direct touch. It was then when Larra called Alejo to join the project (it wouldn't have been possible without him), and we set for the production stage. Manu from Italy and Alejo and Larra from Argentina, everybody working for the site practically at the same pace... until we made it available on line. - version2
Manu's new sport challenge, plus the experience acquired with this web site first version, and, above all, the fans's acceptance, led us to reconsider This time what we most cared about was fans' active participation, with real time up-to-date info. In the pursue of this goals is that we develop this new idea (rather than new version) where fans are as important as Manu, and they are "inside" rather than "close". We look forward for the fans to join this undertaking, and that both fans and non-fans can value the participation level at, which we think has no records as regards professional sportmen web sites. And please, forgive us for the delay, we were only hardly seeking this "new version". - versión3 / v4 / v5
Consagración de Manu como basquetbolista y como deportista. Intentamos acompañar tanto éxito desde cada una de estas versiones.

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