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»The Only Objective is to win the championship | 2009-10-24 / by Manu
The most important thing I would like to tell you is that I am healthy, pain free, finally healed and now just trying to recover my game. I think I am eight points at this stage. I have to better my shooting and have a quicker response on defense, but considering that the pre season just finished, this is also normal for the majority of the players. More so, it’s always harder for me to get into a rhythm. I’m going slowly. I’m also lacking penetrations to the hoop. I have tried it a little and I don’t know if by lack of power or confidence but it’s been tough to get to the basket.

In addition, I’m happy with the playing time that I played on the pre season; against Oklahoma I had 23 minutes on the court. I don’t know how that will work for the beginning of the regular season, but I would like to play a lot of minutes to feel useful and start to tune up with our new teammates.

»Reasons to be happy | 2009-10-08 / by Manu
I´m not a hundred percent yet, as you can imagine, but I have no pain and alter six months I feel again the nice sensation of playing and wearing the #20. Enough reasons to be happy.

The fractured fibula healed so I´m not afraid (in opposition to a sprained ankle). I´m getting used to the impact of the jumps. I´m still a little slow, but nothing to worry about. Today I´m six to seven points. I will improve.

»I´m proud of them | 2009-09-04 / by Manu
I don´t need to send messages to my teammates. They know what to do and they are doing it. I just have to say that watching they play is a pleasure. They could win or loose; they could qualify or not, but they always make me feel proud of them, because they show that cohesion that is typical of the Argentinean team in the last years.